The Most Telling Omission from Brett Kavanaugh’s Self-Defense

One can certainly understand someone responding with outrage when charged with a false accusation that impugns one’s integrity and character. I, too, would become indignant and, particularly if it were a matter of public discussion on the national stage, would do all I could to defend my reputation and set the record straight. If Fox News would be so graciously willing to offer me a national platform to share my side and attempt to clear my name, I’m only a little bit ashamed to say I think that might be an offer I couldn’t refuse.

In short, I imagine I would go to all lengths to clear my name and use all the resources at my disposal.

Who wouldn’t? Am I right?

So, if I had the FBI at my disposal to do all rigorous investigation to give me back my good name, I would without a doubt avail myself of that massive federally-funded operation that, I imagine, is equipped with all the resources it could ever need to uncover every needle buried in every haystack across the universe.

Wouldn’t you? It would feel luxurious to have that support and defense.

But do you know who wouldn’t?

Brett Kavanaugh, apparently. At least he hasn’t yet.

He did, however, go on Fox News, seemingly without shame, and vociferously assert over and over again that he has never sexually assaulted anyone ever.

What he has not done is call for an FBI investigation to clear his name. Am I the only one that finds that odd?

These accusations are horrible; and if I were to be the brunt of them, I would want every measure taken, every avenue pursued to, clear me of them as quickly as possible.

And that urgency would only be magnified exponentially if a great job offer hung in the balance. For Kavanugh, we aren’t just talking about some great job with solid healthcare, generous vacation time, and a reliable retirement plan. No doubt, a Supreme Court Justice job comes with all that. But we are talking about a lifetime appointment to be one of the nine chief decision-makers in the United States.

And you would think, in seeking such a high and dignified post, that at a minimum he would want every effort made to put the American people at ease about the questions raised regarding his character and behavior and have them greet his appointment with confidence.

So why isn’t he clamoring for an investigation? Why isn’t he urging President Trump to unleash the full force of the FBI to investigate these accusations?

The question to me seems more than fair. After all, we are reminded repeatedly from Republicans and their apologists that we can’t simply believe these accusations.

And we can’t. And I don’t believe those who are supporting these accusers suggest that we should simply believe them. They are calling for an FBI investigation and making a sensible demand rooted in fundamental fairness, a demand for due process.

And Kavanaugh and his supporters should accept that his declarations of innocence can’t be accepted at face value either. One would think someone seeking to be a Supreme Court Justice would understand the value and necessity of something called evidence.

So, the question is, why hasn’t Kavanaugh called for such an investigation to be conducted yesterday?


Professor of Literature, Political Economy enthusiast, Dad, always thinking about the optimal world

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